Helping Veterans Access Mental Health Resources

During my stint at Reingold, our main client (by a significant margin) was the VA. Specifically, we were providing material guidance to support VA’s mental health outreach efforts.

The central project of this effort was This was a novel site that sought to break through the stigma of talking about mental health (and seeking treatment) by curating over 400 videos of veterans. The video collection saw representation from all 5 branches and generations of warriors from WW2 to Afghanistan – speaking directly into the camera about their journey to recovery.

The site was one of Reingold’s biggest success stories. It was also 4 years old and in need of a redesign, which is what first prompted the ask for this page.

In discussions with leadership, there was a desire to explore a web medium as more than just a vehicle for delivering videos. We were searching for a way to speak directly to veterans, using plain language and a rich narrative format to connect with them.

Fancy Animated Landing Page

Design, Development

Department of Veterans Affairs



At the time, long-form pages represented a risky suggestion for a client like the VA; a client with geographically distributed stakeholders who didn’t always agree on a clear path forward. It was critical to get early buy-in on the bigger concepts that we were building towards.

This “narrative arc” artifact represents the earliest document put forward to the group. The goal was to focus on the basic narrative arc of the page. With the narrative locked down, it could serve as a guide rail for the rest of the decisions that would follow.

Animation Schematic

We knew we wanted animation, but previsualizing it with after-effects would have claimed resources and time we just didn’t have. We didn’t want to surprise the client with an entire channel of aesthetic decisions that we made without them. The work-around was this quick story-board which gave cues to flow of the page and animations we would be executing on.

Final Result

Live Demo