Based in Long Island, NY, CareConnect is a new player in the health insurance market. Formed in the wake of the ACA health-care reform legislation; CareConnect benefits from their provider network in close partnership with the insurance company (similar in structural to Kaiser Permanente). By design, this partnership reduces friction in the provider/insurer cost negotiation process and gives CareConnect more flexibility to optimize their spending. Both of these advantages result in a net reduction in costs overall for consumers and competitive pricing for CareConnect.

Despite the structural advantages in their business model, CareConnect’s initial web footprint was reflective of their aggressive launch strategy. Well aware of the benefits of a redesign, CareConnect presented to us two principle goals to guide us in the process.

First: improve membership recruitment. The old site was a barebones word-press template with a fragmented UI that seemed to be addressing multiple audiences with little focus. The solution was focus the UX of the site around the concerns of members. This meant simplifying the top navigation bar to only containing the actions relevant to members. We also created two long-form narrative pages (home-page and about-us page) that elegantly described the value and benefits of health insurance provided by CareConnect.

Second: Guide new members through daunting process of selecting health insurance. As of Oct. 2015, we’re still in phase 1 which was focused on calculating subsidy eligibility and plan selection. For subsidy eligibility we developed an auto-paging form that walked users through the survey process question by question. Our solution for plan selection tool required us to do a deep dive on the rate cards for 42 plans and distilling that into display logic to be controlled by just two drop-downs. Our solution is unique in it’s simplicity and scalability.

The site was received to glowing reviews from the internal stakeholders and the board. Our team also received the go-ahead for a contract extension to continue development into 2016.

  • Live Link

  • Technology Used

    HTML, Javascript, JSON, SASS, Greensock Animation Library, Umbraco, .Net

  • Project Role

    Art Director, Lead Designer, Front-end Development

  • Collaborated With

    UX team, Senior Developer, Project Manager, Copy Writer

  • Requirements

    Mobile/Responsive, Support IE8