Helping People Find Affordable Health Insurance

Careconnect came to Reingold in 2015 looking for a site redesign in time for the October/November benefit season. This project is a good example of how my approach to design and project planning has matured from “make it look nice” to “this is what will help your business.”

Multi-page site with quote tool

Design, Development

CareConnect via Reingold


Project Goals

  • Site redesign: Their old site was just a WordPress template.
  • Build it fast. We had only two months to design and stand up a site.
  • Provide entry points for each of the 4 core audiences: Members, Brokers, Employers and Providers.
  • Create an engaging quote tool to keep users interested and engaged as they worked through the insurance quote process.


The shortened timeline focused our research efforts on building our knowledge of the NY state health market. These are just a few pieces of information that we had to process.


One of the lessons I’ve learned over the years is to take the time to create artifacts that help educate the client. I took special effort to cover common questions that clients have (the fold, definition of wireframes, etc)

Visual Design

Because of the short deadline, we were given carte-blanche on the site branding. So in a matter of two weeks we cycled through approaches, and came up with a very strong look-and-feel that matched with the existing colors and typography.

Lessons Learned

  • The extra work put into the wireframes paid off and served as a guide for the developer and SEO expert to complete their work.
  • Learning the details of how insurance works helped us frame up our creative ideas in a business context.